Top 5 Global Christmas Gifts for a Budding Chef

GLOBAL Classic GS-3 Cook’s Knife

Earlier this year, Which? Magazine tested out 10 popular chef’s knives from various brands and the GS-3 was one of just two chef’s knives to come out on top with the distinguished ‘Which? Best Buy’ status. The GS-3 Cook’s Knife is a medium sized chef’s knife that will perform any task you can think of in the kitchen. The GS-3 is great for chopping small to medium vegetables, meat and fish, and it can also be used to finely chop herbs or peel garlic. Whatever the task, slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing, you can rely on this chef’s knife to perform every time. The Global GS range has a more delicate triangular handle than the classic G Series so may be suited to users with smaller, daintier hands.

GLOBAL Classic GS-70/SH All-Purpose Knife & Leather Sheath

This super handy all-purpose knife from the Michel Roux Jr range has a small blade with a curved point. It’s the perfect tool for any small kitchen task such as chopping herbs or slicing limes. The knife comes with a luxury black Italian leather sheath to protect your knife. It’s the perfect little stocking filler for any foodie!

GLOBAL Ukon GU-505/6B 6-Piece Knife Block Set

The Ukon 6-Piece Knife Block Set is a real showpiece! It features a stylish and contemporary stainless-steel and black design that will complement any kitchen setting. The knife block includes the GU-01 20cm Chef’s Knife, the GU-03 22cm Bread Knife, the GUM-10 14cm Vegetable Knife, the GUS-22 15cm Scalloped Utility Knife and the GUF-30 9cm Paring Knife. If a family member or special friend is looking to upgrade their kitchen equipment, this is the perfect set. It will serve them well for years to come, plus you’ll become their favourite person ever if you gift them this set for Christmas!

gnfs-01 ni paring knife

GLOBAL Ni GNFS-01 Paring Knife

The GNFS range represents ‘Global Ni Forged Small’. This beautiful little paring knife is the smallest knife in the Global Ni range with a 9cm blade. The GNFS-01 has a fully forged blade with a flat handle similar to the GSF-15 in the classic Global series. The knife is small but sturdy for use with all those little kitchen tasks, including cutting small fruits and peeling vegetables. Fully forged knives are made out of one single piece of steel. They’re strong and hard which means they keep an edge for longer.

GLOBAL Sai SAI-4 Vegetable Chopper

Stunning knife alert! The SAI-04 is a premium Japanese vegetable chopper with a long flat blade designed to get a clean cut when the knife hits the board. It’s a heavy duty knife, suitable for long hours of prepping in the kitchen. With its 19cm blade and elongated handle, the SAI-04 knife is the largest vegetable chopper in all four ranges. The SAI handle has a beautiful ergonomic thumb rest for a smooth, efficient cutting motion and comfortable grip. Did you know? The seven dots on the handles represent the seven noble virtues of the Samurai’s code of honour; Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Honour and Loyalty.

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