Global introduces new products for 2022

This September we invited some of our fabulous customers to the beautiful Langham Hotel in London, to celebrate the launch of our new products.

During the day, we all took part in a cookery class, hosted by the wonderful ‘Sauce’. This was a great way for customers to get to grips (literally) with our new Global G-106 Kiritsuke Knife that we have just introduced. We would also love to say it helped improve our cooking skills… however sadly, that just isn’t true.

We cooked up a storm (well tried to) of a Fillet of Beef with Isle of Wight Panzanella Salad & Basil Pesto for mains. Then for dessert a Valrhona Chocolate Fondant with Poached Cherries & Crème Fraiche was attempted. Some succeeded, many ended up looking like chocolate lava but were still delicious. Luckily it was only the Sales Director Tom Basford who caught himself with a super sharp Global knife (minor bloodshed occurred) so we are taking that as a good result. Despite the mishaps, the dishes went down a treat and everybody had a great morning.

Shortly after, a selection of our customers was shown around our brand-new Cutlery Kingdom… ok, ok it’s just a showroom but we think ‘Kingdom’ sounds better. It is located underneath our Santoku shop on Great Portland Street, Marylebone. It was the perfect way for our customers to get better affiliated with all the delightful new products they would soon be stocking!

Firstly, our customers got up close and personal with our Global products. We have just launched a new range called the ‘Little Essentials’. The concept behind these are they include all the GS knives needed for pretty much any kitchen task. Sure, there are probably one or two things that this great range cannot achieve, however we are sure there is a knife within the 200 or so other Global knives we offer that would do…

Little Essentials comprises of a range of twelve small knives, each with specific characteristics that work together to form a comprehensive versatile knife set. Included in the set are four brand new knives, the GS-108/SC 12cm Utility Scalloped Blade, GS-108/HSE 12cm Half Serrated Steak Knife, GS-108/UT 12cm Utility Plain Blade and a GS-108/SE 12cm Utility Serrated Blade. These are all offered with the G-88/4003 in-draw knife dock which brings the ideal storage solution to these small kitchen knives.

Little Essentials

Secondly at Global we have introduced two new wooden knife storage solutions, which we know is a deviation away from the traditional steel offerings.

The Hikaeme 6pce In-Drawer Knife Set includes 5 best-selling knives all housed in a beautiful beechwood storage unit. The name Hikaeme translates to ” humble, moderate and reserved” in Japanese, so if you want to be humble’ and hide your knives safely from view, then this is the ideal storage solution.

This set contains a G-2 20cm Cooks Knife, G-102 14cm Vegetable Knife, G-97 20cm Bread Knife, G-103 15cm Utility Knife and a G-104 10cm Paring Knife. This set ensures you have a knife for every occasion and the handles have been specially designed to look the same.


Our new Takashi 8pce Knife Block Set comes complete with a convenient storage solution in the form of an attractive beechwood block. Takashi means- Ambition, Esteem, Honour so if Global Knives are held in Esteem – this could be the right option! The set contains a G-2 20cm Chef’s Knife, G-97 20cm Bread Knife, GS-60 15cm Utility Knife, GS-5 14cm Vegetable Knife, GSF-22 11cm Utility Knife, GSF-15 8cm Peeling Knife and the GKS-210 Kitchen Scissors.

The choice between the two sets has led to the tag line ‘Which WOOD You Choose?’ which obviously we are very proud of…

Finally, at Global we have introduced a special edition G-106 Kiritsuke Knife. With only 500 of these currently produced, it was a product that was in demand! This versatile knife can be used to perform most of the tasks normally done with a Gyuto or Chef’s Knife, but also those of the Nakiri and Sujihiki. It has less curvature than the typical Gyuto, making it less suited for “rocking action chopping” but perfect for a “push and pull” cutting action.

The tip of the blade is particularly suitable for fine dicing and chopping. This limited-edition knife was used in the cooking class earlier that day, and our customers were able to take it home in a goody bag (carefully packaged as we didn’t want any more accidents) for their own personal use.

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