Global Knives were introduced to the market by Komin Yamada, a legendary Japanese product designer. He was given a brief to create a range of knives that were truly innovative and different, using the best available manufacturing methods and machinery with the latest stainless steel materials. He created a series of kitchen knives which brought the art of Japanese knife making to Western consumers and chefs. Global Knives use their proprietary steel, Chromova18 in all their knives, a high carbon steel with molybdenum and vanadium mix achieving a hardness rating of 56-58 HRC. This offers knives that are able to hold a edge for a long time whilst being easy to resharpen. Global uniquely uses covex edges on their blade edges. These edges wear less much more slowly than flat grinds and is the real reason why Global knives stay sharp for an exceptionally long time.

All Global ranges use a stainless steel handle, a feature that has become the brand's trademark. Global knives are famous the world over for their outstanding design, performance and ease of use in both home and professional settings. Still the market which all other brands are compared. Choose from their 3 ranges, Global Classic, Ni and Sai. 

Global Classic G Range

The Global G series of knives are Global ‘s classic collection of larger, longer bladed knives with weighted hollow handles. An extensive collection of chefs knives, slicers, choppers and large professional knives, there is something for all types of cooking.

Global Classic GS Range

The Global GS Series is a classic collection of small and medium sized knives with weighted hollow handles, including palette knives, fish bone tweezers and food turners, suitable for all areas of food preparation. All Global GS knives are made with Global's Chromova18 stainless steel and feature Global's sharp 15 degree blades. For lighter more intricate work, there is something in the GS series of knives for everyone

Global Classic Forged Range

The GF Range is Global's collection of drop forged knives. The handle sits on the tang of the blade creating a knife which is heavier and more durable that its G and GS counterparts. The knives are substantially stronger than the G series of knives, they make excellent knives for professional chefs.

Global Classic GSF Range

The GSF range is made up of smaller, but strong, fully forged knives with solid handles. The Global Small Forge Range knives are made from one piece of steel and have small blades. These knives are good for lots of little kitchen tasks and Global make 9 different petty knives to compliment the larger hollow handle series. These knives all have flat handles and are built for endurance in the kitchen as they are some of the most used knives from Global sets.

Global Classic Michel Roux Junior Collection

Sets put together specially by Michel Roux Junior to 'cook to the Roux way'.

Global Cutlery Collection

Beautiful cutlery from the master craftsman & designers at Global from Japan.