In Japanese philosophy, the Godai encompass the five elements of Buddhist thought, constituting the essence of all creation. We've artfully captured four prominent Japanese elements in the crafting of our exclusive Global Knife Block Sets: AirKaze, FireHi, WaterMizu, and EarthTsuchi, each embodying the spirit of these elements.

The profound philosophy represented by the Godai elements finds its connection with multiple facets of Japanese knife craftsmanship. This connection is evident in the careful selection of materials and the meticulous attention given to achieving the perfect balance and precision in crafting each knife. Moreover, the Japanese culture's deep appreciation for equilibrium, versatility, and spiritual resonance is beautifully exemplified in the way these knives are both employed and cherished within the rich tapestry of Japanese culinary tradition.



The Japanese wind element symbolizes freedom, growth, and expansion, mirroring both air and the human intellect. Our Kaze knife block set, suspending Global knives, embodies this liberty by allowing flexible additions to the collection. Inspired by poultry, these knives boast fluted designs to prevent food from adhering to the blades.



The Japanese fire element symbolizes life, passion, desire, and energy, crucial in cooking and reflecting inner emotions. Our Hi block set gracefully cradles your Global knives, mirroring the coke used in knife forges. Fire in cuisine is embodied by meat. Our set includes the G-4 and GS-101 knives, blending tradition and precision.



Japanese water element symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and formlessness. Our Mizu block set features a magnetic sapele wood knife block, known for its rich red hue and captivating grain. Representing fish and seafood in cuisine, including a G-83 and GS-11 flexible utility knife, ideal for filleting diverse foods.



Earth, or "Tsuchi," embodies solidity and stability, symbolized by rocks and stones. Our Global Tsuchi knife sets reflect this firmness with a sturdy, sloping universal block. These sets are inspired by vegetables in cuisine, featuring the versatile G-46 Santoku Knife, an ideal choice for precision vegetable preparation.