Niks in the blade:

Small niks in the blade are created through normal use of the knife, so don’t panic if this is what has happened. Using a whetstone or even a Minosharp pull-through sharpener should remove these niks for you and get your knife back to brand new sharpness. For larger niks you may need to get your knives professionally sharpened.

Because chips and niks in the blade are not due to manufacture fault, they are not covered by the knife guarantee. Chunks in the blade:

If the knife blade hits bone or frozen foods, the result can be that the blade has large chunks appear. Unfortunately these are irreparable and the Global knife guarantee is only valid for manufacture fault.

Cutting through frozen food, bone or any such product that results in large chunks in the blade is mis-use of the knife and therefore the knife is not under guarantee and you will need to purchase a replacement.

Broken knife tips:

This can occur through accident or dropping the knife and is not covered by the knife guarantee.