The knife is one of the oldest tools in human history. If you want to redefine such an important symbol the challenge is to combine ergonomics, technology and tradition. Nesmuk combine craftsmanship and modern technology to perfection, a knife that combines art and craft.

Nesmuk develops and manufactures knives with the greatest possible sharpness, relying on steels and materials that have never been used in the knife making industry before. Every Nesmuk knife made in Germany is a commitment to innovation and perfection.

Nesmuk Soul

The special feature of the of the SOUL collection is the unique alloy of the blade steel. The patented Nesmuk steel contains the rare element Niobium. This ensures the finest possible steel structure despite the chance of rusting. We stock 7 styles of the Nesmuk Janus knives with an olive wood handle.

Nesmuk Janus

Unique to the JANUS collection is the high-end DLC-coating (diamond-like carbon). The amorphous carbon layer is only micrometers thin, but is impervious to acids, bases and extreme temperatures, has low friction and enormous scratch resistance, optimizing the functional properties of the blade. 

Nesmuk Exklusiv

401 layers of Damascus steel, 160 mm, 64-65 HRC, 1 masterpiece: It takes more than four dozen work steps to produce a Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE - a knife that can only be made in the hands of a master blacksmith.

Nesmuk Accessories

Find blocks, sayas and other accessories for your Nesmuk knives.